Why the Oil & Gas industry should continue to adopt innovative technology

For years, the oil & gas industry has been playing catch up with other industries in adopting digitization and have effectively been operating the same way for generations.  With corporate agility being named the new currency of business by CEOs across the board, it’s time the energy sector joined the pack.

The pace of change in the industry has been increasingly rapid and especially volatile following the crash in 2014. Pair this with the effects of the pandemic and market pressures have never been higher. 

Right now there is a huge opportunity for organizations who can combine digital innovation with a solid understanding of the industrial process. Within the next five years, industry experts estimate a 10% increase in revenue from getting projects online faster. Implementing automated software can improve overall efficiencies of operations and reduce human error contributing to overall productivity. Data collecting software can easily streamline information to multiple industries instantaneously allowing project communications to happen in real time, reducing lag and delays. 

Tressl’s team is made up of industry experts who have connected the dots and are emerging as digital leaders in their field. Software engineers, computer engineers or even data analysts could emerge as the next wave of careers in oil & gas, and we at Tressl aim to get these industries working and prospering together!

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