What are inbound vs. outbound applications?

At Tressl we refer to inbound and outbound land applications a lot! So, let’s break it down a bit.

Simply put, an inbound land application is received by the company or stakeholder who needs to approve it. This is known as the “approving party”, who will handle the incoming request to cross the company or private land. 

An outbound application is created by the applicant who is launching a project. We refer to this as the “applicant party” and is delivered to all those with a right or stake to the land in which the proposed project will cross. 

Traditionally, these requests can take weeks to process and deliver agreements to all stakeholders involved so the project can go ahead legally and safely. Tressls’ innovative platform, CrossingsCloud, offers a wealth of benefits to both the approving and applicant party. Applicants can expect to see reduced costs associated with their projects, accelerated timelines and a reduction of project idle time. Approvers can increase the capacity of their land personnel, clear backlogs of applications and allocate saved time to other areas of business.

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