What is a land crossing? And why do they require applications?

Crossing agreements are required for any project, infrastructure or works that cross municipal, company or private land in its development! Essentially, it is the communication channel between all parties!

A crossing application is generated and requires approval from all relevant stakeholders to the land “crossed”. These agreements ensure that projects and infrastructure can go ahead safely and according to any regulations or rights already in place. The agreement will include guidelines for work permits along with legal land descriptions ensuring projects can move ahead with accuracy and efficiency.

Applications must also include any proposed activities that might cause ground disturbance. This includes but is not limited to: excavation, topsoil stripping, drilling, seismic exploration and crossing buried pipelines/underground infrastructure by heavy loads if off a public roadway– simply put, any action that will leave an impact in the ground. 

It is important for land crossing agreements to be comprehensive and accurate in order to ensure the safety of those developing the project! CrossingsCloud by Tressl was created by land industry experts who saw the need to simplify and speed up the traditional land application process. The platform provides auto generated agreements and enables these details to be updated in real time and shared instantly- leaving less room for error and improving overall safety of operations!

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