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Why Tressl is the #1 Solution to process Applications for Less

Who We Are

The power of discovery

With over 70 years of combined experience in the surface land industry, our team has witnessed and grown from the highs and lows. Innovative thinking drove our desire to solve inefficiencies during challenging times.

Providing forward-moving solutions allows our customers to expand, increase productivity, and decrease bottlenecks. Tressl’s solutions are now used by many companies across Canada.

At Tressl, we believe that the right understanding and technological edge will propel our industry into the future.

We always seek valuable feedback from our clients in order to learn and evolve.
Our Goals
  • Build solutions to do things better
  • Limit human error in processes
  • Increase effective communication
  • Improve accountability between parties

In answering these questions, today the company’s young and dynamic team of developers are working consistently to build a world-class solution to the decades-old problem.

Over 300 Companies Registered


Tressl is Different

We at Tressl have invested thousands of hours of research and development into specific niche problems.

  • How do interactions happen when negotiating an agreement?
  • What processes fall apart?
  • Where are the real problems?
  • How are contracts negotiated?
  • How are billable contracts, like RoadUse agreements, invoiced and managed?

The team at Tressl has been hand-picked for a unique combination of industry experience in Land, IT experience in building sustainable and scalable online businesses, and expert experience in customer service.

What does this mean for you? We haven’t just created another tracking tool. That doesn’t help you. We’ve created efficiencies in every part of the process.

We are the only solution in the market that fixes route problems and drives efficiencies and savings to our customers

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Collective Years of Experience

Executive Team

Joel 4


President & CEO
Read Joel's Bio Here

Born into the surface land business, Joel has a lifetime of experience. He started by answering phones in his family’s land company and eventually worked up to land projects spanning over 300km in length. He knows and understands the pain of dealing with the traditional method of processing land agreements. This is what launched his venture today – Tressl.

Throughout his years as an entrepreneur, he’s become experienced and well-versed in raising capital, working with outside partners, public speaking, closing high value acquisitions, scaling a team, knowing when to pivot, and is always at the forefront of innovation.

Jamie Pompu


Read Jamie's Bio Here

Jamie graduated with a computer technology degree in 2001. Starting in the corporate world Jamie quickly realized that his true career path was one focused on entrepreneurship. This launched his first venture Chunk Munk, and his more recent second venture Epic Grasp, specializing in Agile Coaching. Both ventures he still manages today. His combined career experience of 19 years in both the corporate and entrepreneurial spaces has provided the Tressl team with invaluable direction and leadership.

Jamie leads the development team while they continue building great new products – using agile development methodology.

Board of Directors


17+ years Surface Land experience

Joel Edwards

20+ years Tech & Agile Experience

Jamie Pompu

25+ years in internal accounting, legal and finance

Ryan Atkins

CFO - Pacific Tubulars
Previous: CFO - Rafflebox

Melissa McAvoy

Co-Founder and Partner - 4Front Advisory
Previous: VP, Corporate Planning & Development - Seven Generations Energy

Chris Feltin

Board of Advisors

Daniel Riddell
CTO - Kidoodle.TV (A Parent Media Co.)
Aarti Raman
Technical Management Consultant & Agile Coach
Sinton Naidoo
Engineering Manager - Getty Images
Dan Forigo
COO - Radium Technologies Inc.
Justin Edwards
President - Edwards Land
Jesse Edwards
Sr. Land Representative - Trans Mountain
Bill Kanters
President/Director - Whisper Resources Inc. & High Mountain 2 Capital Corp
Maz Artang
Principal - Aughdem Recruitment
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