CrossingsCloud by Tressl

The only solution available to process your Crossing and Ground Disturbance agreements in days instead of weeks.
Do more than just track your agreements. Process them faster for less money

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Automate Land Permit Applications

In addition to receiving applications through the traditional manual way, allow applicants to submit land permit and road use requests through an easy-to-use digital method.

With the ability to complete applications within minutes, the CrossingsCloud platform is 10X faster than the traditional process – therefore allowing you to receive a higher-volume of applications.

• Faster Application & Turnaround Time
• Lowers Labour Efforts & Costs

Workflow Management Control

Our platform provides a reliable communication channel between you and all applicant parties.

Get a birdeye view of all applications from start-to-finish, and easily identify outstanding needs within easy application process.

• Consistent Communication with Applicants
• Multi-Party Coordination & Collaboration

Organized & Secure Cloud

Manage and organize incoming application documents in a secure and reliable place. Our cloud-technology will house your data which can be easily navigated to at any point.

CrossingsCloud will also securely store archive data or previous projects. Have the ability to reference back to valuable data at any time.

• Document & Data Management
• Archiving Storage
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    How CrossingsCloud Helps You

    Saves You Time

    Application time reduced to minutes. Quicker turnover, reduced bottlenecks, and dissolve backlogs.

    Lowers Your Costs

    With a more efficient application intake process, cut your time per project and lower your overall costs.

    Reduce Human Error

    With the process being systemized through a streamline application, reduce the risk and potential of human error.

    Process More Projects

    Increase your productivity rate by being able to accept and process applications with higher efficiency.

    Easy Communication

    Coordination made easy. Simply upload necessary documents or maintain consistent communication of per-project needs.

    Secure & Organized Storage

    Keep all application documents and incoming information in one reliable place. Current and archive data that's easily accessible.

    How It’s Helped

    Still unsure? Book a 15 minute discovery call to learn more

    Explorers & Producers
    While producing natural gas or oil reserves, it’s imminent that other companies will be looking to build around your leases and pipelines. Ensure this process is seamless with us.
    Operating large diameter pipelines? Whether it’s from a landowner or neighbouring infrastructure companies, you’re receiving requests by the thousands - we can help you!
    Surveyors & Brokers
    Manage all your clients and land requests in one convenient easy to use online platform. Receive approvals 6x faster than traditional ways. Ensuring projects are completed accurately and ahead of schedule.
    Engineer & Construction
    Planting trees, grinding asphalt, or digging the foundation to a new development. No matter how big or small the project, if you’re crossing pipelines, water/gas lines, or navigating other infrastructure, then you’ll need our help.
    Wireless communications are vital to our communities. Telecom infrastructure development helps Canadians stay connected, and we know that is no small task. Tressl’s software can streamline processing of your land applications; seamlessly ensuring the weight of high volumes of applications is managed effortlessly.
    Electric, Gas & Water Utilities
    Ensuring the integrity of power lines, gas pipelines, wind towers and underground drainage in urban and rural areas requires accuracy & seamless stakeholder communication - you can count on Tressl.
    Counties, Municipalities & Irrigation Districts
    A fast and effective processing tool that will keep your land records clean and accessible - while keeping your costs down.
    Railways and highways span the country and guarantee construction is happening around them at all times. Tressl ensures that your personnel have great access to information to keep our roads and rails safe.

    Multi-Industry Platform

    First launched within the oil and gas sector we have grown into our ability to span across many industries. North American businesses are launching projects to build, demolish, construct, and renovate everyday. These same businesses are required to submit applications to work beside and cross over infrastructure. We help streamline that process.