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If you process requests for Crossings, Ground Disturbance, or Road Use applications,
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What is a Crossing What is a Crossing? When infrastructure owners and operators cross someone else’s infrastructure (a new power line will need to cross an existing gas pipeline), it’s regulation that a special agreement called a Crossing Agreement needs to be requested, negotiated, and signed with safety stipulations on how to proceed. Check out our CrossingsCloud Module What is a Ground Disturbance What is a Ground Disturbance? A Ground Disturbance is any activity or operation that could disturb or displace the soil in which a facility is buried. Some examples of Ground Disturbance could be, but are not limited to, digging, tree planting, rock picking, driving fence posts, land levelling, etc. Ground Disturbances are handled with the CrossingsCloud module of Tressl. Check out our CrossingsCloud Module What is a Road Use What is a Road Use? There are thousands of kilometers of existing service roads within Canada. Instead of building new service roads, road owners will lease the use of their road to other operators. This increases the maintenance required on existing roads causing most road owners to charge for the use of their roads. A Road Use agreement stipulate how a road can be used and what the charges are. Tressl’s RoadUse also handles the ongoing billing and agreement management. Check out our RoadUse Module


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