Support & FAQs

Getting Started

What is Tressl?

Tressl is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform, paired with consulting services, that redefines an organization’s outdated permitting and contracting processes. At the click of a button we pull the archaic process of legal land contracting into the digital world, enabling companies to manage, track and bill their corporate (land deals) through a single pane of glass.
Backed by Microsoft Azure access tressl services from anywhere.

What is CrossingsCloud?

CrossingsCloud is a Software-as-a-Service platform that automates and streamlines the transacting of surface land crossing agreements and ground disturbance consents. Through the use of CrossingsCloud, companies are able to reduce their agreement turnaround times from months to days or weeks to minutes.

What are road use applications?

Tressl’s road use ability automates and streamlines the transacting of road use agreements and management of freehold and crown road assets.
Our software also automates the initial consideration and maintenance fee invoicing for those assets. This ensures that you’re capturing all fees throughout the lifecycles of those road use agreements and addendums.

Who is CrossingsCloud for - the land owner or applicant?

CrossingsCloud can be used by both parties.

Inbound requests occur when land owners receive permit applications.

Outbound requests occur when applicants are submitting requests for land use.

What is an eCrossing and an eRoad?

An eCrossing is a term we use to group any activities that are being requested on an application. These could be crossings, proximities, encroachments, parallels, access, etc. Like an eCrossing, an eRoad applies to the activities requiring road use.

Platform Specifics

Do you just handle the workflow when an individual/company wants to cross your infrastructure?

No, CrossingsCloud and RoadUse will handle the work for either someone requesting to cross your rights or use your road (Inbound). It also works if you want to cross someone else’s rights of use their road (Outbound).

Do I have to use the agreements provided or can I upload my own agreements?

We provide a crossing agreement, road use agreement and proximity consent for you that are based on the industry standard. However, we give you the ability to create and save custom agreements and consents that you may reuse over and over to save time. You can also upload any agreement or consent.

Membership & Fees

How do you charge for your services?

Signing up for a CrossingsCloud account is free with zero commitment or risk.

The platform will continue to be free of charge for use by those receiving eCrossing applications.

Applicants who are submitting eCrossing requests will pay per application. This fee provides the benefits of a more efficient and streamline application process compared to the traditional method.

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